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 Innovations and products


 BRiO RC + : a new intuitive system to control LED lights

brio-rc-app-300dpi.jpgLED lights on your phone : BRiO RC + is a system which allowed to control LED lights with your phone. Thanks to an app (iOS or Android), you can choose the colour of many lights.

11 colours and 7 programmes sequences : BRiO RC + offers many options for your lights. You can select several colours and 7 sequences (psychedelic, blue variations, etc.) On your phone, you variate the luminosity and speed of sequences.

Many lights compatible : BRiO RC + system is compatible with all multicolour lights manufactured by CCEI. You can create an installation with big and mini lights and there will be all synchronized.

Meteor - complete automatic operation for pools :

meteor-2-300dpi.jpgA smart multifonctions control panel : the new control panel generation is still providing an easy operation with a comfortable installation. Latest features will make the control of the pool by he end user easier.

Many features : with Meteor, you can programm several operating ranges of your equipment like filtration pump, LED lighting, 230V output, etc. or control them manually.

Long-distance control : Let's find how you can remote control your pool with your app via Bluetooth ! Bring together other available options to make the best of your device.

Logo CCEI CACome with us in America !

CCEI Inc : since 2 years, we have a subsidiary present in Canada, Montreal. Discover the website of company here.

Plug-in-Pool system : CCEI Inc. is manufacturing and selling Plug-in-Pool system directly in Canada. There proposes our best innovatives products.


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